• What is our application?

    “What is this application?”

    CaseLnk is an affordable case management system for small & medium businesses which includes features such as contact management, calendaring, document management, task and event management.

  • How does our application work?

    “Will this application fit in my firm?”

    Apparently, we are unable to answer this question. Nevertheless, by offering free trial, we do hope that you could try it to get the answer yourself. In addition, we provide a simple guide for you to evaluate our application. In the end, you decide whether CaseLnk can streamline your workflow.

  • How much does it cost?

    “How much does it cost?”

    We apply a monthly subscription-based model. Subscribers just need to pay inexpensive monthly subscription fee to enjoy our services. Please check Plans and Pricing page for more details. The service can be terminated at any time. In addition, new users are entitled for 24-month free trial.


Additional information

For a limited time only, you can use it free for 6 months!

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